Do you take credit cards?

Yes. I accept all major credit cards.

Can you accommodate special diets, such as gluten free and Paleo?

Yes. I can accommodate virtually all special diets. 

Where do you shop?

I'm happy to shop at your preferred stores upon request. Otherwise, I will source your ingredients at various local grocery stores, farmers markets and specialty shops. Your dietary needs and budget will be taken into consideration when procuring groceries.

How do you store the meals?

I will supply BPA free, microwavable containers for you to reheat your chef prepared meals (oven safe containers will be substituted when appropriate). These will be provided for a nominal fee. Supplied containers can be reused, if you so choose. 

Where are your packaged meals prepared?

All meals are prepared in a health department inspected kitchen. Cuisine by Christy operates under appropriate licensing and permits at all times. Your safety is my first priority.

Are you insured?

Yes, Cuisine by Christy is an insured LLC.